deaf sebastian


It took a lot of getting used to.  Jim had never heard his voice; only his moans, or his sighs.  Grunts of exertion or groans of pleasure, huffs of frustration or gentle breaths of contentment.  Sebastian remained silent through the days and nights, simply smiling at Jim’s inappropriate jokes (written down on paper), or shaking his head when Jim suggested semtex (again) for a hit (with enthusiastic ‘Boom!’ hand expression).

He’d lost his hearing in the war, Jim knew, from the papers he’d read on the ex-Colonel.  An IED explosion that had rocked the jeep he’d been driving had busted out his eardrums and left him deaf.  The shockwave would do that, Jim knew, but the sniper never did recover his hearing.  Decommissioned due to impairment, they’d stamped across the Colonel’s file.

James had taken to learning sign language to help communicate better with his sniper.  It had taken him a few months, but he mastered it, and the criminal and his lover were able to carry on conversations together, learning as they went along.

But it was his laugh that Jim wanted to hear, and call the Irish fuck sentimental, but the house was too quiet.  Sebastian was self-conscious of his voice, now, not knowing if it was too loud or too soft, too nasal or too quiet.  Music was lost to the sniper, and there were moments of frustration when Moran would see Jim swaying in the study, and knew that music had to be playing on that old record player Jim had.  The tiger wondered what sort of music Jim liked, and when he looked over the records and didn’t recognise any of the names or songs, his frustration grew.  

The flat sometimes only clicked with the assembly of Moran’s rifle in his hands, or the rustling of fabrics being folded and hung, fresh from the dryer.  The tiger’s heavy footsteps echoed in the home, and really, their lives were good, this way.  There were times when Sebastian would hum, singing to a tune inside of his own head, and those days, Jim appreciated.  It was the closest thing to Sebastian’s voice that Jim was allowed to hear.

Moriarty lived for those sounds, no matter how nasal they were.  And at times, Sebastian would get drunk after too many shots of whiskey, and try to talk to James, his voice drawn out and loud, but the sound itself was enough to make a crack of a smile slither across the Irishman’s lips.

There was one day, however, when Sebastian finally spoke Jim’s name, just as James wanted.  Clutching the Irishman’s limp body to his chest on the roof of St. Bart’s hospital, Sebastian finally allowed his voice to be heard, a nasal and broken, “James,” with bloody hands and trembling fingers.

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Things that need to happen → The Hound of the D’Urbervilles mini-series

Some scorn opera as unrealistic. Large licentious ladies, posturing villains, concealed weapons, loud noises, suicides, thefts, betrayals, elongated ululations, explosions, goblets of poison and the curtain falling on a pile of corpses. Well, throw in a bag of tigers, and that’s my life.

Sebastian Moran. Best marksman in the British army. Dishonorable discharge.


Cats Don’t Dance- Sawyer & Danny


Cats Don’t Dance- Sawyer & Danny


you might make it, boy, but by the skin in your teeth.


you might make it, boy, but by the skin in your teeth.


(by Coanri/Rita)

miss these pretty babies


miss these pretty babies

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six selfies??

Survey #28; Bold what’s true; Unique


I AM: outgoinga sisteroverwhelmed, helpful, kind, overweight, tall, caring, a shopaholic, energetic, hopeful, over 18, religious, a leader, a mother, a good singer, insecure, a natural blonde, shy, inquisitive, determined, thirsty, frustrated, registered to vote, independent, hungry, self-conscious, a hard worker, skinny, paranoid, in love, a college/uni studenta dreamer, a movie buff, usually happy, easily entertained, quiet, a daddy’s girl, a smoker, employed, happy with my life, anxious, healthy, on a desktop.

I HAVE: an iphone, a laptopanxiety, drugsa tumblr, an addiction, a dog, my own car, a degree, a job, trust issues, a temper, a brother, a big house, blue eyes, a lot of clothes, a twin bed, a big family, netflix, to pee, odd taste in music, a large book collection, fast internet, a big imagination, my license, curly hair, a small butt, short hair, a messy room, a phobia, a medical condition, an awkward smile, some kind of collection, a personal blog that nobody sees but me, gotten lost while driving, been to warped tour, big feet, bills to pay, a lot of strong opinions, a pool, an xbox, a cold, a lot of musicmore than two piercings.

I WANT: a boyfriend, more moneya better body, to adopt, to move out,a new computer, to lose weight, something I cannot havefood, a baby, my hair to grow out, a new lifeto be more confidenta tattoo, fast food, alcohol, more friends, to go on vacation, to see a new movie coming out, to go shopping, a new phonea piercingconcert tickets, someone to hang out with, to start working out, to be famousto see a certain someone, more clothes, to donate blood, bigger boobs, someone to cuddle with, a job, smaller thighsto learn how to play an instrument, my favorite band to release a new album, someone to love, a new petto go to sleep, to grow up, to change something about my personality, breakfast food, them to make a new pokemon game, a new ipod, a popsicle, to learn a new skill, to be more organized, to go to college, someone to bring me breakfast in bed.

I THINK: abortion is wrong, I’ll die young, I’m a good person, too often, I’m going to hell, a lot of popular things are overrated, God is real, people underestimate me, my taste in music is perfect, I need a new layout, I’m pretty responsible, gay marriage should be legal, I’m going to dye my hair soon, I’m funny, I’m going to make a huge decision soon, my parents hate me, I’m pretty, I have a mental disorder, I annoy peoplesomething is seriously wrong with me, of better days, a lot of Disney Channel stars grow up to be trash, The Hunger Games is overrated, the best things in life are free, popular music is pretty awful, I could be a vegan, I’ll make a good mother, I spend too much money on clothes, I’m too good for guys my age, I worry too much, goths are scary, politics are stupid, hipsters are annoying, bolding surveys are the best, everything is better with cheese, Twilight is overrated, I will be alone forever, I might go to bed soon, I may try something new soon, I’m pretty boring, I may never stop taking surveys, McDonald’s is gross, celebrities are overpaid, people use me a lot, Valentine’s Day is a joke, nobody is truly original.

I LOVE: animalsshopping, cooking, going to concerts, jewelry, glitterreading, bright colors, make up, taking pictures, hot showers, texting, going to the theater, children, anime, being girly, working out, my life, where I live, summerfruitcandles, photography, eating, learning, rainy dayswalking, painting my nails, doing my hair, music, xanga, facebook, feeling needed, getting comments, tumblr, helping others, volunteering, cuddling, chewing gum, youtube, dresses, touch screens, decorating, writingfinding money in my pockets, Comedy Central.

I HATE: cleaning, drivingbig crowds, politics, religion, my period, musicals, talking on the phone, crying, fast food, going to the doctor, meat, vegetables, sitcoms, long fingernails, bad grammar, cocky people, being single, facial hair, having no signal, losing, working, doing the dishes, bugs, children, straight edge kids, racists, going to the dentist, going to school, arguing, hospitals, being pale, having scars, hot weather, wearing socks, listening to the radio, animal cruelty, having stubbly legs, stretched ears, wearing glasses, when nobody texts me back, anime, having nothing to do, when I have stray hairs stuck to my shirt, waitingbad hair days.

feelings!! are!!!! exha!!usting!!!!!!!!!!!!!